Sunday, January 15, 2006

Most overrated show on TV -- correction

A while back, I said it was Curb Your Enthusiasm. I was so wrong. It's not that I'm saying CYE isn't overrated; I'm not and it is. It's just not the most overrated. Not when ethe whole country is so bananas over 24.

I finally forced myself to sit through most of an episode of that humorless, hysterical, reactionary, vigilante porn. It took three Entourage reruns before I felt whole.

24 is so popular and so bad that it may yet pass The X-Files as the most overrated TV show since Lawrence Whelk.


Blogger sevenwarlocks said...

I never noticed that 24 was vigilante porn. I just thought it was boring. On the other hand, excluding the first epiode of the first season, I've never watched it for more than 10 minutes at a stretch, and not for more than 30 minutes total. Mostly because it's boring.

So for all I know, vigilante porn is exactly what it is.

5:01 PM  
Blogger DC said...

We are the 2 people in America who feel that way. If you've watched it for nearly 30 minute, then you've watched more than me. I can't bear it.

A girl I know told me she couldn't be friends with me when I said I hated the show. I used the "vigilante porn" phrase on her and she made that "Yes. And?" face -- head foreward eyebrows all the up, palms raised heavenwards -- that means, "Yes, you Entourage-watching dumbass, that's the whole point."

2:34 PM  

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