Monday, January 09, 2006

I'm totally loose!

If this can happen to "The Boy" we we were supposed to "Hear It For" (Nope, the song wasn't about Kevin Bacon; it was Chris Penn, the dumb friend Bacon had to teach to dance so he could take Sarah Jessica Parker to the dance in the barn across the tracks without embarrassing himself. Don't believe me? Want to watch it again? I thought not.), what chance do the rest of us have?

Sean's bro is almost completely redeemed, though, by playing his girthilicious self in season two of Entourage, in which he gives fellow loser star-sibling Johnny Drama a well-deserved beat-down. (Although he loses points by delivering the worst line of the entire series -- "I'm gonna lose this weight, but you'll still be an idiot." -- a line so jarringly unoriginal, I have to believe he insisted on putting it in there himself.)

Kevin Dillon (Matt's brother, a running in-joke) is freakin' hillarious as Johnny Drama. In season two, he gets his ass kicked not only by Sta-Puft Penn, but also by the blistering praying mantis Bai Ling (scroll up).


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